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Jersey Fittings for 2019-20 Season
Important Announcement for all Twin City Families
  To All Twin City Families, As many of you know, Twin...
Jersey Fittings for 2019-20 Season



Please see scheudule below, all fittings will take place at Competitive Edge, located at 983 John Fitch Hwy Fitchburg, MA (across the street from the Civic Center) Each player must also register using the following link to pay for their jerseys: 

If you are new to the Twin City Program or if you child's jersey needs to be replaced please attend one of the fitting dates. (these are for Squirt, Peewee and Bantam players Only)

**Please note all first year squirt players must attend a fitting session**


Tuesday June 25th  10AM- 5:30PM

Wednesday June 26th 10AM- 7PM

Thursday June 27th 10AM- 5:30PM

Friday June 28th 10AM- 7PM


***Players must bring Shoulder Pads and Elbow Pads and Goalies should bring Chest Protector to ensure proper fitting ***


by posted 06/05/2019
Important Announcement for all Twin City Families


To All Twin City Families,

As many of you know, Twin City Youth Hockey has always strived to keep ice hockey as available and affordable to all kids for many years. Our organization has been 100% volunteer driven with many of our members working long hours to provide the highest-quality product that we all can be proud of.

Like any organization though, we must be able to adapt to the times in order to continue to deliver the highest quality product for all our families. In recent years, we have seen our membership numbers decline and unfortunately, this is not just a Twin City issue. Other Town Hockey organizations are facing similar issues.

We are now at the precipice of one of those times, and we recognize that now is the time to overhaul our organizational model and bring our program back to level we all want to be!

What will happen over the course of the next year is that the Twin City Hawks organization will be phased out as a town program and will re-emerge as a non-profit club program!

The reason for this change is very simple. We are looking to create a program that will allow our local players the option to potentially play at the Elite Levels with our partners at the Valley Hockey League (potentially as high as the E9 League) yet still maintaining true to our roots in the local communities by making sure no player is EVER turned away from our organization, and all of our families have the opportunity for their child to play at the most competetive level of hockey possible.

Additionally, by continuing to operate as a non-profit organization our program will never need to worry about generating revenue to compensate owners’ pockets first, and any program costs will go to providing the best possible experience for our players and their families.

Some other benefits of this change will include:

  • Access to elite level leagues (i.e. E9 & BHL)
  • Changes in the player rating system
  • New partnerships with other organizations
  • Affordability is maintained
  • House hockey program for younger ages levels is preserved
  • Compensation for coaches in order to provide a top-quality coaching experience
  • Strengthen the feeder system to our local high schools, and creating partnerships with all the local High School coaches to help our players prepare to be successful at the High School Level and beyond


For the 2019-20 season, Twin City is commissioning a pilot program, with players from the 2006 birth year, that will compete at the Elite level of Valley Hockey League. This group was chosen because we have coaches with prior experience at this level of hockey and an elite level pool of players available to field a highly competitive team.

 All 2006 birth year players are invited to try out, but we must stress that this team will not fly under the current Twin City Flag, but will operate independently of the Twin City organization.

Additionally, not all players will be invited to play for this team. As with any elite club team try out, players may be asked to leave the ice during the tryout if they have not been selected for the final roster. 

We are very excited to announce these changes to our organization and our goal is to retain the top level of players in the area, and potential attract talented players at all levels, to help grow this long-standing program back to and beyond levels we haven’t seen in many years.

All 2006 birth year players that do not make this team will still be invited to play for the Twin City Bantam program this year as they always have been. We have been very fortunate to maintain good working relationships with the Valley Hockey League and many of our teams will not see a big change in the levels of competition they are used to, and our hope is this new program format will help increase the level of success for all our teams. We hope that you will be as excited about this change as we are, and we look forward to seeing all our players grow. If there are any questions regarding these changes, please reach out to our board of directors. See you all on the rink!



Ken Howlett


Twin City Youth Hockey

by posted 03/14/2019
Why Twin City?

Just a few of the reasons that make TCYHA the right choice...

  • Significant ice time Squirt, Peewee, & Bantam having 35* games and at leaast 45 practices from August through March
  • Player Development Focus Partnership with Stop It Goaltending for Goalie Development and the usage of the USA Hockey ADM Development Program by or coaches at practice  
  • Competitive play against a wide variety of teams (over 600!) means your child will always be improving.
  • Flexible payment options gives you the choice of what is easiest for your family.
  • Great kids, great parents means you'll have a positive, fun experience as a part of our family.
  • All Coaches are certified via USA Hockey Coaching Education Program.

* Game counts are approximate and subject to minor change as dictated by Valley League schedule.

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